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SaveEasy provides both API or no-code solutions for partners that are looking to provide incentives/perks to their community. Our Plug and Play solution allow you to access hundreds of rewards program & thousands dollars of saving for your community with no cost.

Cashback Offers
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SaveEasy helps startup community leaders save money for their community

Who is this for

Business owners and startup founders
Platform Managers
at VC firms, Accelerators, Incubators.
Tools for startup Community leaders to monetize
Community Leaders
at Founder groups, Angel groups, Community blogs, Educational institutions.
Business owners and startup founders
Business Owners
looking to save on business purchases.

How it works

To Our Partner/Community Leaders
Provide extra perks to your community
To Our Partner/Community Leaders
Provide extra perks to your community
Why SaveEasy?

SaveEasy adds value to your community, by providing exclusive offers and cashback on purchases at scale. SaveEasy is perfect for anyone that is looking to provide value and leverage their networks. We work with thousands of vendors and negotiate offers and keep their listings updated so you don't have to. SaveEasy offers a custom branded marketplace at no cost for your community and also allows you to monetize your network.

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Schedule a time with our team by filling out some basic information about your community here.

Our team will setup a custom website for your community based on your preferences.

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Launch your community rewards page and invite your community members.

To Our Partner/Community Leaders
Provide extra perks to your community
Earn Cashback on your everyday purchases (business or personal)
To the End User
Save on your everyday (business/personal) purchases

SaveEasy allows you to access deals and discounts towards online business and personal purchases. Earn cashback on every purchase and also stack cashback offers on your credit purchases using SaveEasy.

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SaveEasy is a free to use . Simply create an account, fill out your basic info and start browsing for cashback deals, click and buy products as usual, we will take care of adding cashback to your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about SaveEasy

[Partner] How can I implement SaveEasy for my community?

SaveEasy provides both API or no-code (white-label) solutions for partners. We offer PnP integration to our list of 500+ vendor offers to start, and the ability to expand the offering to 25K vendors. We manage all the backend systems, onboarding of vendors, prepare copy and design elements to deliver the requisite data to the client's front end.

[Partner] How does SaveEasy make money?

We earn a small commission from vendors that allow us to run the platform and pay our team.

[Partner] How can community owners monetize through SaveEasy?

Partners earn a commission on purchases made by their community members, Partners do have the option to pass on this to their community members if they choose.

Is it really free to use?

Yes, there are no fees or hidden costs associated with using SaveEasy.

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